Friday, December 21

Best wishes..


Saturday, November 17

city from my story...

who knows?

Saturday, November 10


"Beauty is an invitation to contemplate ... consumes us completely.."

Sunday, July 15

before the storm..

after few minutes we  ran away from the 3 p.m.

Thursday, June 21

Place for summer time...


Thursday, May 3


two days ago..

Saturday, April 21


of my best friends Marylka & Janusz..

Thursday, March 22

view..from window in my work..

Today early in the morning..
I'm waiting for..4 seasons in this place..first: SPRING!

Wednesday, March 14


this is the end..

Wednesday, March 7

There is the place..

in my heart...

Sunday, February 19

the only one.. the sky.

Tuesday, February 14



Saturday, February 4

Tatra Mountains

on my way from Rusiński Peak to Małe Ciche Village..